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Without our committed volunteers, PWN Global would simply not exist. 

It's thanks to the dedicated support of over 300 of our members that we are able to offer events, programmes and resources that support you in realising your true potential and advancing gender balanced leadership. Read some of the stories to see how volunteering has helped our members to develop new skills, make real change in their organisations and achieve their career goals.

If you are already a top leader in your company, or want to experience what leadership at the top is like, we need your help!  The nature of volunteerism is transitory, so we are always looking for enthusiastic volunteers to get involved.


  • PWN Global Presidents' Blog: Leveraging Technology to Grow Inclusion

    Take a moment to imagine what the world would look like if we did not have this amount of technology at our immediate disposal, keeping business going as usual?

    Throughout the CoVid19 pandemic, we have witnessed companies, governments and entrepreneurs moving from an offline world to an almost 100% online environment. 

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  • Melinda Gates and MacKenzie Bezos unveil $30M gender equality initiative

    Two of the world’s wealthiest women are teaming up to roll out a $30 million initiative that will provide grants to organizations with “transformational” ideas for improving gender equality.

    Read the full article here.

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  • PWN Global Presidents' Blog: Diversity within Gender

    Check out the latest blog post from our co-Presidents, Sheila Gemin and Carina Furlong. Two incredible women from different cultural and ethnic backgrounds, learning from one another. 

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  • How CHROs Have Met the Moment

    In the past, at big company moments, it was often the CEO and CFO breaking the news to employees, shareholders, and other stakeholders. A distinctive feature of the coronavirus pandemic has been to elevate the role of the CHRO, who is often visibly helping CEOs manage the present and lead their companies into the future.

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  • A Year in Retrospect: Lessons Learned from Leading a Not-For-Profit

    "The past 12 months have been a rollercoaster. Now we are pressing pause to reflect back on the first year of our presidency. A year that we will not forget and a year that has taught us so much about leadership, comfort zones, cultures, humanity and humility. We have reflected on this period and created five lessons learned from leading a global voluntary organisation."

    Read the full article, here on LinkedIN.

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