It is time to get serious about gender balance. Did you know that gender diverse teams are much more effective? Did you know that you can significantly improve the performance of your teams and organisation? Did you know that you can retain key talent by investing in gender balance? Do you know how to advance gender balance?

We do!

PWN Global can support you strengthening your internal processes to make a difference. We offer you comprehensive local city network programmes, online learning and development services, a platform to share and learn with other organsiations from different industries and countries. We can also help you to raise your visibility as a Organisation who wants to shift the gender balance dial. It’s time now to get serious and we can help you, for more information on how we can work together This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

If you think you and your colleagues can benefit from a PWN Corporate Membership, help us to help you! Connect us with the decision makers in your organisation, and we'll do the rest.

Read more about our corporate partners here.

OrangePWN Lyon works actively with its Corporate Partner ORANGE Centre Est to support their women, through corporate memberships or by inviting them to attend special speaker events and other activities.  An Orange corporate member sits on the PWN Lyon board and is actively involved in the network's activities. 

PWN Lyon is  grateful to long time space and location partner, RIGHT MANAGMENT Rhône Alpes.  



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