PWN London: Treasurer


The TREASURER is the primary steward of the PWN London’s financial resources. The Treasurer serves as an advisor to the Board on the financial impact of all decision and ensures that the financial aspects of the Network are well managed. This includes budgeting, account management in conjunction with an external provider and ensuring adherence to any local audit regulations 



  • Management of revenue and expenses of the network and defining yearly forecast and budget. This includes recording income / expenses, balancing all budgets and closing year end accounts, and preparing financial statements for board meetings
  • Management of Financial processes including:
    • Responding to/processing invoices for incurred expenses
    • Management of online accounts (Official network account, Xero)
    • Management of payments to third-party providers by check or bank transfer
  • Oversees the review of and monitoring of monthly bank statements against income/expenses recorded. Follow up on any unpaid transactions or errors in charges
  • Collects and files key documents related to every transaction the network
  • Ensuring year end accounts are appropriately delivered and filed, overseeing the management of external accountant
  • Updating Companies House

Key Deliverables/Outputs

  • Maintaining accounts
  • Overall budgeting
  • Financial reporting

Time Commitment 

This role may require a weekly average of 2-3 hours– primarily spent on responding to emails, review of expenses, payment of invoices and reconciliation. There will be peak times (quarterly, end of financial year) requiring additional time spent liaising with accountants to prepare end of year accounts and also financial reports for the board


  • Strong experience in accounting and finance/budgeting, ideally with an accounting qualification
  • Ideally having served as a Treasurer in a volunteer capacity
  • Considerable experience having served as a leader within a corporate environment or in another volunteer position
  • Demonstrated experience setting strategy and motivating and aligning a team
  • Excellent interpersonal skills, with a sense of diplomacy and collaborative leadership

This role was posted on 29th June 2020, and we are looking to fulfill the role as soon as possible in July 2020. To apply for the position, please send your CV and a letter of motivation to

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