PWN Global Webinar: Shattering Stereotypes - How We ALL Benefit (Men Too)

08 June 2023 13:00 CEST - 14:00 CEST ZOOM WEBINAR

Extensive research shows that equitable societies are happier for everyone, regardless of gender. We also know that organisations with diverse workforces and inclusive cultures experience higher levels of employee engagement and enable all their talent to thrive, as long as there is psychological safety to do so. 

However, the prevalence and impact of stereotypes in our societies and in our organisations can restrict our freedom to be our true selves and stop us from achieving diversity, equity and true inclusion. There is no doubt that girls and women face many traditional stereotypes which can hold them back: they should not be assertive; they should be thin and beautiful to appeal to men; they do not make good leaders; and, they should pursue motherhood rather than careers; etc. 

However boys and men also face stereotypes: they must be the breadwinners; they don’t cry; you’re weak if you care; aggression is an acceptable response; and, men don’t have the emotional capacities women possess; etc.

Breaking stereotypical thinking creates a massive opportunity for ALL genders. As Gloria Steinem remarked: “Once men realize that the gender roles are a prison for them too, then they become really valuable allies. Because they’re not just helping someone else, they’re freeing themselves”.

This webinar will explore the issues caused by stereotypes and will provide solutions to how we can Shatter them! Join us to learn how this can happen so that ALL genders can benefit. 


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  • Ms Mary Jane Roy
    Secretary/Treasurer Ready For Female Leadership Foundation
  • Mr Robert Baker
    Potentia Talent Consulting Founder and CEO VIEW PROFILE

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